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Submitted by moiuser3 on 13 June 2024

THE Ministry of Home Affairs organized a 2024 monsoon treeplanting ceremony in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.

Union Minister for Home Affairs Lt-Gen Yar Pyae, also a member of the State Administration Council, along with senior officers, their spouses, and departmental staff under the Ministry of Home Affairs, attended the ceremony. During the event, the Union Minister delivered remarks highlighting the benefits of tree planting.

After the plants had been grown, the Union minister and party inspected the tree-growing activities in the designated areas.

The ministry grew 1,000 saplings, including ironwood, Spanish cherry, Burmese Padauk (Pterocarpus macrocarpus), Royal poinciana, cassia fistula and Eugenia during the event.

Similarly, the ministry’s affiliated departments across the nation also planted trees on the same day, and so the ministry grew a total of 32,639 trees.