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Submitted by moiuser3 on 13 June 2024

THE Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation announced that 1,517 acres in Haka Township of Haka District in Chin State have been designated as “Yone Taung protected public forest” as of 5 June 2024, under Notification 45/2024 by exercising the authority conferred under Sub-section (e) of Section (6) of the Forest Law promulgated in 2018.

The ministry designates protected public forests and forest reserves to ensure the stainability of major sites in Haka and conserve the prohibited pine trees and local flora to prevent illegal trading of forest products, hunting, landslides, and natural disasters, to protect the natural water outlets and reduce the impacts on the natural environment.

The Yone Taung protected public forest areas will conserve various kinds of wood and valuable trees such as pine trees, cherry, tree rhododendron, oak, chestnut, Alnus, bay trees and walnut trees in addition to floras, dendrobium Jairak Candy, Nukha orchid and stick orchid, and also pastures for Muntjac, jungle cat and rabbits. It can also conserve the water outlets that provide drinking water in Haka.