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Submitted by moiuser3 on 13 June 2024

MYANMAR’S agricultural exports swelled to US$971.957 million in the past two months of the current financial year 2024-2025, beginning 1 April, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

The figures reflected a significant increase of over $379 million compared with the ($592.7 million) recorded in the corresponding period last FY2023-2024.

Myanmar exports agricultural products, animal products, minerals, forest products, and finished industrial goods through maritime and border trade channels, while it imports capital goods, intermediate goods, raw materials imported by the CMP enterprises and consumer goods.

Myanmar has been implementing the National Export Strategy (NES) 2020-2025 in order to boost exports. The priority sectors of the NES include agricultural production, garment and apparel, industrial and electronic device, fishery business, forest product, digital manufacturing and service, logistic service, quality management, trade information service, innovation and entrepreneurship sectors.