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Submitted by moiuser3 on 13 June 2024

Vice-Senior General Soe Win underlined that the results of the conference discussions must be reviewed, and future plans must be adopted in holding talks on papers and discussions.

Vice-Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, who is in the capacity of Chairman of the Leading Committee on Organizing the Myanmar Education Conference 2024, said so in his speech delivered at the meeting of the leading committee at the Ministry of Education in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice-Senior General stressed the need to emphasize discussions on the ways and means for successful implementation of future plans, the best ways to overcome challenges and the adoption of future plans.

He underscored that the education conference must focus on reviewing the accomplishment of plans adopted by the last conference and discussions on papers of six primary sectors, namely basic education, higher education, vocational education, teacher training and research, as well as innovation.

He urged all participants to discuss the outcomes of this year’s conference for the emergence of good education results and conditions for new generations.

The Vice-Senior General also pointed out that it is necessary to successfully implement the reviews of ministries over the work process of previous conferences while sustaining the existence of these successes under the short- and longterm plans.

With regard to endeavours of the State, the Vice-Senior General revealed that the government had adopted the completion of the KG+9 educational scheme for all school-age children, the extended establishment of basic education and industrial, agriculture and livestock breeding high schools, the establishment of Naypyitaw State Academy, provisions of administrative allowance and cash assistance, conducting capacity building courses, raising the literacy campaigns and encouragement to raising reading habit for the people.

He highlighted that the results that will emerge from the Education Conference 2024 must contribute to the improvement of Myanmar’s education arena.

Secretary of the leading committee Union Minister for Education Dr Nyunt Pe, and secretary 1 of the Work Committee permanent secretary Dr Soe Win reported on the objectives of the conference, the formation of committees and their duties and functions, and preparations for successfully holding the conference.

Attendees at the meeting discussed the important roles of relevant sectors in successfully holding the Myanmar Education Conference 2024.

Before concluding the meeting, the Vice-Senior General coordinated necessary measures submitted by attendees.