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Submitted by moiuser on 12 June 2024

The ceremony for the transfer of six patrol vessels from the People’s Republic of China to the Myanmar Maritime Police Force took place at the No 3 Maritime Command office (Wahdan) yesterday morning.

Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Chief of Police Force Lt-Gen Ni Linn Aung, Ambassador Mr Chen Hai of the People’s Republic of China, along with senior police officers and officials from the Chinese Embassy, attended the ceremony.

Initially, the deputy minister and chief of the Police Force, the Chinese ambassador, and attendees inspected two patrol vessels docked at Kyanmayay jetty, where responsible personnel provided explanations about the ship.

The ceremony proceeded, and Deputy Minister Chief of Police Force Lt-Gen Ni Linn Aung expressed gratitude and appreciation, followed by a speech from the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China.

Subsequently, the letters of transfer and acceptance were signed and exchanged during the ceremony.

Two 28-metre patrol vessels and four 48-metre patrol vessels were reportedly provided as an aid to strengthen mutual relations between the two countries and assist the Myanmar maritime police force in their law enforcement duties. — MNA/TRKM