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Submitted by moiuser on 12 June 2024

Admiral Tin Aung San, Member of the State Administration Council Deputy Prime Minister Union Minister for Defence, recently visited military training schools at Inndaing and Taikkyi stations in Yangon Region to meet militia trainees and provide encouragement.

During the visit, attended by Yangon Region Chief Minister U Soe Thein, the deputy commander of Yangon Command, regional government ministers, senior military officials, and departmental officials, commandants of Military Training Schools briefed Admiral Tin Aung San on the opening of military service courses and discussed training progress.

Admiral Tin Aung San addressed the trainees, emphasizing the significance of their militia service, offering guidance on overcoming training challenges, and providing words of encouragement. He underscored the importance of the Military Service Law enacted in November 2010 and the recent notices issued in February 2024 to implement it.

Highlighting the voluntary nature of militia service, Admiral Tin Aung San welcomed the trainees and emphasized their crucial role in national defence. He stressed the need for physical and mental preparedness, citing Tatmadaw’s commitment to protect the State and its citizens.

Following his speech, Admiral Tin Aung San presented sports equipment to the commandant on behalf of the Union Government, while Chief Minister U Soe Thein provided food supplies to the trainees. Officials then had lunch with the trainees at the school canteen.

Afterwards, Admiral Tin Aung San and officials inspected the training facilities, including small arms and tactical training areas, offering necessary instructions to enhance training effectiveness.

In conclusion, Admiral Tin Aung San reiterated the importance of mastering military skills and maintaining mental resilience, emphasizing the trainees’ role as dependable soldiers.

The enactment of the Military Service Law in November 2010 and its recent implementation signify the government’s commitment to national defence. Military service training courses have been successfully initiated across various regions and states, further bolstering the nation’s defence capabilities. — MNA/TS