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Submitted by moiuser5 on 11 June 2024

Tatmadaw should be a role model in the cotton cultivation sector, producing A-grade cotton, said State Administration Council Chairman Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

Yesterday morning, the Senior General inspected the Tatmadaw Textile Factory (Thamaing) in Hline Township, Yangon Region.

On arrival at the factory, the Senior General first heard the reports made by Quartermaster- General Lt-Gen Kyaw Swa Lin and factory manager U Khine Shwe regarding cotton cultivation processes of Tatmadaw Cotton Cultivation Units, accomplishment of directives made by the Senior General, cultivation processes and estimated plantation, history of factory, recruitment and welfare of staff.

Then, the Senior General stressed that soil quality assessment should be done first to ensure cotton cultivation and a high production rate. Systematic soil management is also required, depending on the type of soil used. It is also necessary to utilize the agrochemicals and irrigation water properly.

Moreover, assessments should be done to ensure the production rate and to meet the target, depending on the type of soil used. Tatmadaw should be a role model in the cotton cultivation sector, producing A-grade cotton, and needs to cultivate one specific type instead of planting various kinds of cotton.

Cotton is an essential item used to gain quality fabrics, so quality cotton is needed. Tatmadaw Textile Factory (Thamaing) produces the required garments and fabrics for Tatmadaw. The country imports cotton and fabrics, and the local factories should produce adequate products to reduce the import volumes. Basic fabrics and utensils such as daily wear should be produced locally and sold at cheap prices.

The Senior General added that colourful and fashionable clothes should also be created and sold in the market. Moreover, proper ways should be considered to occupy the market by producing quality hotel and private utensils and research should be conducted to enhance the work processes.

The thread and textile industries play key roles in the country, and they should produce to meet the country’s needs and sell at cheap prices to the public.

Then, the Senior General inspected the factory compound and gave cash awards to the employees.