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Submitted by moiuser5 on 24 May 2024

ASEAN Trade Fair 2024, organized by the ASEAN Korea Centre, will take place from 8 to 11 August 2024 at COEX and invite Myanmar’s businesspeople, according to the Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization.

The fair aims to bridge the network between Korean and regional entrepreneurs, promote regional food and beverage products in South Korea’s market and deepen economic ties between South Korea and ASEAN. Five companies from members of ASEAN are entitled to exhibit the following food categories: coffee (roasted bean, instant coffee, among others) (green bean is not allowed), confectionery (bakery, cookie, chocolate, dessert, among others), beverages: fruit juice, tea, low sugar healthy drink, and others (spice, sauce, nut, honey, jam, among others).

As it is solely organized by the ASEAN Korea Centre (AKC), they will not bear the shipment of the products to be displayed. Yet, they will cover the accommodation of a representative of each company only, excluding flight tickets and transport expenses.

Those products are designated only for display and are not allowed to be sold. AKC will take the sample. For detailed information on the trade fair, individuals can enquire through the Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization via email: com and contact numbers 067 408622 and 067 408623.