Information and Public Relations Department

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Information and Public Relations Department
Background History

In 1942, Information and Public Relations Department (IPRD) was launched as News and Propaganda Division and called Information and Public Relations Department in 1945. After that IPRD was put under Ministry of Information in 1946 and then, it was reformed as Information and Broadcasting Department, in 1946. Information Department comprises of News and Information Division, Public Relations Division, Books and Periodicals Publishing Division, Photo Division, Think Tank Division and Distribution Division.

In 1954, Reading Room for Children is opened, accompanying with Yangon Reading Room. Under the period of caretaker government, the tasks and responsibilities were designated and also offices were set up systematically in Districts and Sub-districts. Public Relations officers under Districts and Sub-districts carried out the State policy, implementations, restoration of law and order, and strengthening patriotism with the cooperation of Public Relations Divisions under Ministry of Defence.
Under the reign of Clean Anti-fascist People’s Freedom League in 1960, the positions of Public Relations officers were abrogated and also offices in Districts and Sub-districts were transformed into Information Reading Rooms, and thus, junior clerks were assigned to supervise the libraries.

In 1960 of Revolutionary Council period, Revolutionary Bulletin, News and Registration Investigation, Forward Newsletter Publishing, and communication ways were undertaken. Information Reading Rooms opened in 34 Districts and 40 Sub-districts during 1962 and 1965 were promoted as libraries and junior clerks were assigned as assistant librarians with the original salary.

Information and Broadcasting Department was set up with the combination of Information Division and Broadcasting Division as of 15 March 1972 and Information and Communication Offices and libraries in Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin and Shan States were shifted under the Information and Broadcasting Department. Thus, there are totally 111 libraries including 74 in Regions and 37 in States.

Information Division under Information and Broadcasting Department is organized as Information and Public Relations Department under State Law and Order Restoration Council. On 24 January 1991, offices with district-level and Township-level were also extended for the interests of the people and the requirements of the State.

IPRD comprises of Administration Division, Information and Public Relations Division, Production Division, Research and Data Division, Copy Rights and Registration Division, and Motion Picture Development Division

Administration Division
* The task of this division is to perform the administration works and the requirements of each division
Information and Public Relations Division
Its task is as follows;
* To supervise and give the necessary guidance works to the offices of Regions, Districts and Townships.
* To coordinate with international and external organizations

Production Division
It is performing as follows;
* To publish Our Village Journal weekly
* To publish the necessary books for Department and State
Research and Data Division
Research and Data Division was established according to Meeting No (33/ 2008) of State Law and Order Restoration Council and is undertaking as follows;
* To collect information and news from print media and Internet
* To post news, information, articles and announcements of the State on Ministry of Information Website, Facebook, Twitter and Blogger
* To publish Research Journal weekly

Copy Rights and Registration Division
According to the Meeting No (4/2013) Cabinet, Scrutinizing and Registration Department under Printing and Publishing Enterprise is re-named as Copy Rights and Registration Division and put under Information and Public Relations Department. The task of the division is as follows;
* To perform publishing license and extension
* To register news agency

Motion Picture Development Division
According to the Meeting No (2/2015) Cabinet on the date of 15 January 2015, Motion Picture Development Division was established. The task is as follows;
* To perform movie and video license and extension
* To supervise censorship and to assist internal and external shootings
* To promote cinema

The objective of the IPRD is as follow;
* To perform, to educate and to entertain the people
* In undertaking the tasks to inform, to educate and to entertain the people, the Ministry of Information intends to use the technique of public relations and News media including Print Media, Television and Broadcasting Media.

The ambition of the IPRD is as follow;
* To establish and open Community Centre and Community Library in order that the people, indeed, can rely on libraries in Townships and Districts.
* To register and supervise printing and publishing enterprises in line with the designated rules and laws as well as to promote news agency
* To perform the development of Motion Picture Law and Myanmar movie field
* To use not only traditional methods but also Digital and Information Technology in delivering news, information and knowledge as well as to implement Development Programs with the cooperation of internal and external organizations for infrastructure and technical services
* To conduct trainings and nurture the staff to become knowledge provider and information provider
* To promote the image of Ministry by providing better public services
* To perform writing and compiling research papers on the matters of politics, economics, and socials, holding paper reading events and delivering the findings
* To hold Literature Festivals in order that the people can have good habits of reading

The policy of the IPRD is as follow;
* To implement the establishment of Community Centre and Community libraries to disseminate knowledge and information to the people in a wide scale
* To nurture and train the capacity development of the staff in line with the passage of time
* To bridge the government and the people in order to build a good relation by carrying out the public services
* To encourage media development through the registration and supervision of printing and publishing enterprises in line with the designated rules and laws
* To encourage the development of Motion Picture Law and Film industry development
* To promote research papers in order to review the matters of politics, economics, and socials